Following your heart, trusting yourself then believing in yourself and taking a chance, all describe the elements that embody a woman who was once a school teacher and is now known as an International DJ and Producer.

When the Executive Producer and Host of the MasterMind of a DJ Podcast, Natalia had the chance to interview SQXO for GCTV, she didn’t realize how much of an incredible and impressive story she would get.

Walking into the media suite, she was bright-eyed, smiling and filled with energy!   She was wearing her “rave/bikini/appropriate for GC” party gear and was eager to sit down with Natalia and share her story.

Carissa (Stream Queen XO) has always been enamored with immersive experiences. 

Early into her love for live music events, she always felt a captivating call to be a larger part of the show.

I don’t just go up to the DJ decks and press play and sync, I can actually mix guys! 

She began creating her own costumes to wear at festivals and quickly became infamous for being featured in official after videos or “on the livestream” at some of the largest festivals globally. It was through sharing her joy and happiness at live music events that the identity “Stream Queen XO” was born.

Things weren’t always easy for her as she legitimately taught herself how to DJ.  “I used failure to teach me and humble me as I learned how to DJ,” said Carissa.  “But, that wasn’t the hardest part.  I literally had to prove myself to a lot of naysayers out in the EDM industry.  I don’t just go up to the DJ decks and press play and sync, I can actually mix guys!  I know my music and take full responsibility for how I prepare for my sets and/or in how I produce my tracks!  I believe in myself, in my brand and am blessed to have an awesome team behind me,” says Carissa along with a huge smile as she finishes her sentence.

From her journey as a humble fan to a mainstage dance music powerhouse, SQXO has amassed over 65k followers on Social Media and over 120k on Soundcloud

With an emphasis on euro-house and heavy dance breaks to bring the party atmosphere; all eyes and all smiles are on Stream Queen XO when she takes the stage.

Now, let’s get into the mind of Carissa Lords aka Stream Queen XO ‘SQXO’…

Find out more by following Stream Queen XO on her social media at:

IG:   Streamqueen_xo

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