It was mid-morning when he entered the media suite as we were on the 2nd day of Groove Cruise Orlando 2022.  He looked fresh, had a smile from ear to ear and you would’ve never guessed he was playing hours earlier, (like sunrise set times earlier), taking over the decks from Gene Farris, where many on Groove Cruise called their pairing “one of the most memorable morning experiences in frequency.

Damn, now I know who was causing all of that ruckus by my room and keeping me anxious to just jump out of bed and go “feel this frequency”, but, if you’re a seasoned dance music lover like me, you’ve got to pick your battles and I knew I needed to pick rest so I could do my interviews the next day!

Being Spain’s best-known DJ and producer in house music, David Penn is known for being one of the many masters who have paid their contribution to House Music.

DJ Chus and David often collaborated to produce house and garage house tracks back in the early 2000s, which says something about his influence on technique and approach to tracks that he produces and plays.

His journey demanded him to expand his talents and not be confined to contracts, so, he created “Urbana Recordings” which only strengthened his ability to produce and release music on his terms.  He is a musician first, then DJ, as he started playing piano when he was 9 years old. 

In a memorable year, where Defected Records continued to throw down the gauntlet to the rest of the global house scene, Spanish housemaster David Penn was an omnipresent force in 2019. Ranked #1 house music artist of all-time and #5 all genres artist of the last 12 months by an unassailable points margin on industry-recognized website Beatstats (to go alongside his already long-standing #1 position on Traxsource), he topped and tailed a summer-long assault on the top of the house charts once again, with two heavyweight releases on the iconic label.

First came his ubiquitous roof-raising remix of Pete Heller’s all-time house classic ‘Big Love’ which dominated DJ charts and dancefloors the world over, followed by ‘Stand Up’, a supercharged gospel house masterpiece that captures David at his hand-clapping, piano-riffing best, with rousing breaks proven to ‘take the dancefloor to church’ every time.

David Penn is a force to be reckoned with and I’m glad I had the chance to interview him while on the monumental sail of Groove Cruise Orlando 2022.

Let’s get into the mind of DAVID PENN….

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Written by: Natalia Radziuk

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