Jenny and Keith first came together at the only EDM Music Festival on the water called  Groove Cruise and have been resident DJs since 2015! We can’t wait to see them perform live on Groove Cruise Orlando 2022 which is coming up next week from Jan 20th-24th as they are hosting their first branded stage called DISKOPRETTY and Friends

Naughty Natalia had a chance to sit down with them, share some tequila and talk about their lives as a dynamic duo in EDM and in life!

Let’s get into the minds of DISKOPRETTY….


DISKOPRETTY is a DJ duo based out of Fort Lauderdale composed of Jenny Disko (aka JDisko) and Keith Christopher. Formed in 2015, the pair met by chance on the Miami sailing of the Groove Cruise. Jenny was on her 7th sailing with GC, and Keith was performing for his first time onboard, fresh off his victory for that year’s DJ contest. Aboard the Norwegian Pearl that year, Jenny and Keith instantly formed a connection in the infamous “Haven Suite“, which led to an epic eight-hour B2B set in an intimate setting, with only a few hundred people in the room to witness the moment. The friends and “GCFAM” in attendance affectionately named the duo DISKOPRETTY by combining the “Disko” from Jenny’s DJ moniker, and the “Pretty” from Keith’s brand of club gear  #MANPRETTY. Riding the success they found in the suite, the couple stayed in touch, and remained together in a long-distance relationship for three years, until Jenny relocated to Fort Lauderdale. 

Since coming together, DISKOPRETTY has toured and performed all over the U.S., as well as Antigua, The Bahamas, and Mexico. In 2019, as they were celebrating four years together, Jenny and Keith returned to perform on the main stage of Groove Cruise, a massive show that concluded with the duo’s engagement. But, 2020 brought a new set of challenges, and as they were faced with venue closures and no live events during the global pandemic, Jenny and Keith brought their talents to the world of Twitch, creating the “DISKOPRETTY Afterhours“,  a live mix show that hosted artists from all over the country and ran every Saturday for nine consecutive months into the new year. They’re now working to take that concept and cross it over into live events. 

With a vast amount of combined experience and various successes in the industry, Jenny and Keith each have their own unique and distinctive styles as DJs. However, when they come together as DISKOPRETTY, those styles find an incomparable balance that becomes evident in not only the amount of fun they have, but also in the amount of fun their audiences have.

In 2019, as they were celebrating four years together, Jenny and Keith returned to perform on the main stage of Groove Cruise, a massive show that concluded with the duo’s engagement.


Michigan native, DJ, Singer, Songwriter & Producer, suitably named Jenny Disko, began her professional music career in 2003. Celebrating her 16th year performing as part of a vastly growing industry, and carving her own pathway between Chicago House and Detroit Techno. Jenny quickly found her place amongst the mostly male-dominated DJ world, preferring to perform under the name “JDisko“, making her statement known – “She’s an artist first and a female second”.

In 2007, she began classical training in beat matching, mixing, and sound production under industry titans and Billboard Magazines top reporting DJs in Grand Rapids, opening doors for a transition to larger-scale performances. In 2012, Jenny performed to a crowd of almost 20,000 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, to 15,000 at the DOME in St. Louis, and was one of the first few female DJs on her 10 sailings of the Groove Cruise Miami. She has been welcomed back by Michigan’s #1 Radio Station WSNX as a guest mixer countless times, and with for Dance/Electronica. In 2016, Jenny relocated to South Florida, and a year later, she was named “Miami Up and Coming Female DJ of the Year” by BBuzzTV. 

She is one-half of the duo DISKOPRETTY. Jenny has held a myriad of residencies and guest appearances and has performed with some of the best in the industry across the globe from Mumbai to NYC. Her mixes flirt between genres, showing her signature sound that comes from her love for Disco, House, Techno, and Hip Hop, and much like her namesake, her talent shines when she performs


Keith is a New York native, who knew he wanted to have a career in music by the age of 7. His uncles were DJs in NYC and with access to turntables and thousands of records, Keith was able to experiment at a young age with proper DJ equipment. 

At 15, Keith became his own DJ and relocated to Miami, Florida with his family. In Miami, Keith successfully hosted parties throughout high school and into college. He soon expanded to local bars and clubs where he discovered a love for House music. 

Within a short period of time, Keith began playing House Music in various venues in South Florida. His underground sets constantly evolve, in a never-ending quest to keep his audience entertained. Keith’s crowd-pleasing sets have been heard in venues all over the country. Keith played his first international show in 2014 in San Jose, Costa Rica and returned later that year to headline Club Vertigo, which was one of the most respected venues in Central America. Since then, he has added The Bahamas, Jamaica and Mexico to his international touring list.

2014 was not only a great year for Keith musically by performing internationally, but, his efforts earned Keith the right to play on The Groove Cruise by winning a DJ contest.  He has since returned to perform on eight cruises sailing from both coasts. He is one half of the duo DISKOPRETTY alongside JDisko and his #MANPRETTY brand of clubwear has been seen bouncing around in venues and festivals all over the country. 

After celebrating over 20 years as a DJ, Keith and his team launched Unity Movement Productions in order to facilitate the growth of the dance music community in Fort Lauderdale as the company features and develops local talent. Keith hopes that the future will allow him to perform at home, around the country, and around the world

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