Mastermind of a DJ – Episode 3:

Hey there  – it’s Naughty Natalia with episode #3 of the Mastermind of a DJ Podcast powered by our friends over at Vixens Cabaret getting you up close and personal with some of the most recognizable names in the EDM industry! We’ll announce the next DJ set to perform at vixens at the end of our show!

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So, let me ask you this…

Is it possible to become financially stable as a DJ? Like, do you think their talent in this arena can be residual and not linear like many DJs need to? If you don’t show up for a gig, you don’t make any money, right, but, what if you did so many gigs that it led you down a path of success that is far beyond what money can give you?  

This next successful creative did just that by not only mastering the skills of a DJ to rip it up behind the decks but he used his skills in business to build a residual empire that has now given him time and money and DJs whenever he personally wants… That’s kinda gangster if you ask me.

Now, this mastermind is from New York City, and you can tell by his accent. He has known how to DJ since he was 15 and he learned how to DJ with childhood friend Roger Sanchez.

Since then, he has put in his time and sweat equity into the craft and has been in the field for 37 years!

His South Beach residencies have included Tantra for 17 yrs,  Set and Mansion nightclubs for 7 years, the SLS hotel for 5 years and has been a resident on Groove Cruise for 12 yrs, alone and as the Drums of the Sun duo.

I was able to nab him down by feeding him some liquid gold at a local coffee shop and hear his story along with some downright, drop the mic, oh… Hell no, he said that? Philosophies on DJ life and more.

I was hooked to every word he said and I’m sure you will be too.

Let’s get into the mind of Louis Dee

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