Is the name EDM Maniac fitting for a guy who left a 6-figure “high level” IT position at a tech company to jump on planes, trains and automobiles just to get to the next high level, big production festival, take an insane amount of photos and videos then write all about his experiences and post on social media?

Yes, it would be very fitting for Devin, in my opinion. And yes, this is his career. He’s making a comfortable living doing this which came with a price called sacrifice.

Sounds like a dream come true for so many of those who scroll through one of his many social media accounts.  One day he could be in Berlin at Tomorrowland, the next he could be in Tulum or next, he could be on Groove Cruise.  He’s been on 10 of them so far and that 10th one landed him in my media suite, on a total whim, as I was in the thick of it interviewing artist after artist for my podcast.

Did we know this was going to happen?  Nope!

Did the stars align us to meet?  Yup!!! Thanks to Pooja, Migs, Scooter and Jason Beukema, (founder of Groove Cruise),  I would say, he came at the perfect time!

He loves tequila like I do, loves EDM like I do and has a demeanor that is super warm and welcoming which is always a plus!

He’s the one that jumps on that plane, gets to the event and brings you the news of the latest.

He was super genuine in our “first time meeting” each other.  I didn’t feel like he had some chip on his shoulder for being the Official Media Partner for Groove Cruise either.  Quite frankly I didn’t even know they had one since I was filming for their GCTV Interview Series!  (There was A LOT that was going on behind the scenes during that voyage, but we all did what we could against all odds and made this the best and most memorable Groove Cruise – yet!)

I’ve got to give credit where credit is due and Devin has paid his dues in our industry.  

He’s not some overnight success.  Where EDM Maniac is now, with hundreds of thousands of followers and readers, (like myself who has actually used EDM Maniac in some of the content building in my reports or interviews), he was able to build a strong  and current resource for those who want to know the latest in EDM news, festivals, events, artist releases, artist and DJ collabs and more.

They have gained global recognition for producing technologically advanced live streams and organizing weekly CDC-compliant live events in addition to their internet publication. Wait till you hear the story behind that!!!!

With my show, I have interviewed some of the biggest names in the EDM industry and key industry leaders like Devin are very important in what they bring to the table to our ever growing and evolving part of the “frequency” we are drawn to called dance music.

He’s the one that jumps on that plane, gets to the event and brings you the news of the latest.  As a broadcast journalist, it’s work like this that I respect because a ton of  “sweat equity” is spent to get it all together for the reader and viewer.

I’m a human interest storyteller in the world of EDM.  People like Devin and his team of writers and collaborators all make my job in reporting the news a lot easier.

Now….let’s get into the mind of Devin Lezama….  

Written by: Natalia Radziuk

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