Soft-spoken, gentle in nature, he is a man that is not only ‘true to his roots’ within EDM music, ‘true to his love’ of the dance music culture in Miami and is dedicated to caring for his family. The introvert that you think you find upon meeting him is then met with the opposite side of his extrovert.  He speaks ferociously through his music and his messages are loud and clear. From track selections to his signature mixing styles, he’s literally a ‘beast behind the decks’.  When he gets into his frequency, there’s a sense of continued anticipation and excitement that is delivered masterfully through each of his sets. That’s what you find when you sit down with Miami’s own, Edgar V.”, says Natalia, Executive Producer & Host of the MasterMind of a DJ Podcast.

Edgar V. has been quietly earning his repertoire in and around the dance music world for over 20 years. Synonymous to his personality, it may be difficult to tell during and after one of his signature prolific Progressive house sets. They are filled with a masterful blend of orchestral strings, ethereal vocals, and uplifting synth patterns with a spunk of tribal bass-filled house. Owning residencies in Miami’s most infamous dance clubs, Edgar V has been at the forefront of Miami’s dance music scene for over 20 years.

His start came from spinning at clubs in the then-infant South Beach club movement and playing at Les Baines which was a heavily popular club in the early 90s.  As the South Beach scene continued to evolve, Edgar V. led the way holding residencies at predominantly influential clubs such as KGB, Liquid, Shadow Lounge and was the first Club Space Miami resident.  When the new Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino opened, he was locked in and headlined for the then iconic Gryphon Nightclub.

His talents led him to be heard on our 100,000-watt radio station called Party 93.1, South Florida’s Pure Dance Channel. That’s when I had the opportunity to work with him on several of the live broadcasts we had. He was and still is soooo damn good at what he does and in such demand, that booking him for some of our live broadcasts was becoming a problem.  For Edgar, that was a welcomed problem because he was constantly working and murdering the decks each and every time he played.”, says Natalia.  “He was dubbed as the Trance DJ, syncing in with Markus Schulz who also had a similar trance style, but, they both knew how to remain different and develop their signature sound styles within the Trance genre; only increasing their artistic skills as DJs which influenced our audiences tremendously.”, she says.

Soon, Edgar became a staple and unsung hero behind all the clubs he played at creating energy-filled memorable nights transcending a buzz around him after each night he performed. 

He literally was helping his clubs not only become local underground favorites, but, he was instrumental in setting the foundation of making them an absolute stop for every major touring DJ. 

In early 2000, in collaboration with Club Space Miami, Edgar’s debut mixed compilation “Trancemission”,  became a favorite among Trance fans worldwide. Playing along with the world’s elite list of DJs such as Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, George Acosta, Judge Jules, and Carl Cox, Edgar V has earned their respect by being “handpicked” by Oakenfold to open for him festivals such as Spacefest ’01 and was invited by Paul Van Dyk to play along with him at his party in Berlin’s Vandit and Cream Ibiza at Amnesia in 2007. 

Being mentioned in publications such as Mixer Magazine, BPM, D’Vox and credited in albums by Deep Dish and Paul Oakenfold, the buzz around Edgar V. cannot go unnoticed. It’s to be respected because he’s paid his dues. 

He’s made his mark globally playing in Ibiza, Berlin, Mexico, Peru, Tokyo, Canada, Panama, Colombia and major clubs in the United States along with headlining some of the world’s biggest festivals and showcases such as EDC Orlando 2022, Daer Dayclub at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and more. 

Edgar V. continues to gain more residencies along the way and praise from the industry’s most talented and successful dance music leaders to date.

Natalia states, “DJing is in his blood. I’m convinced that it’s part of his DNA and in this interview, (which he doesn’t grant to anybody), you’ll hear who Edgar V. really is.  This is a man dedicated to his profession and knows his destination within the art of DJing and is not looking back.”.

Written by: Natalia Radziuk


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